This is the manual for a very personal gift: the fokuz . It is a pendant in which you keep your personal intention – a special goal – you are determined to bring into reality. The fokuz-pendant is available in various designs and comes with a unique, handmade showbox or wooden casket. The fokuz helps you to think positively and to always on the top of your mind and to help you see all the possibilities and opportunities which present themselves. And, most importantly,  it encourages you  to act on it and encourages you to take new, creative steps to make the change happening.

You start by formulating your intention: what is a important goal in your life. What would make you really happy? Where would you want to put all your effort in? What is your focus? Maybe you want to improve your health, to improve a relationship with someone, to become more emotionally balanced, to learn something,  to become more successful, to contribute more to your community. You can also wish for a happy and healthy future for your newborn baby.

Take some time to think over your intention and write it down as if you have already achieved it. Use words like ‘I can…’, ‘I am….’, I have…’. Visualise what it looks like to have achieved your  intention; try to see and feel it. This image should give you a positive feeling. That helps you to strengthen your trust and faith. Thinking positive thoughts will help you achieving positive results. Focus on your potential and possibilities and act on it. What could be your first small or even big steps? Be playfull and bold!

Then open the fokuz-pendant and remove the included paper roll. Summarise your intention and formulate it in the present tense. The summary should be a positive representation of your goal, which gives you a positive feeling. Once you have completed your text, you write this down on the paper roll. Then store it in the fokuz-pendant. If you want, you can add or reuse your fokuz with new intentions in the future.

The attractive design of fokuz is intended to be visible by placing or hanging (just a small nail is enough) the box somewhere where it will catch your attention. Together with your own intentions, your fokuz has become a very personal object. One of a kind!