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 The fokuz is a pendant in which you keep your intention –  an objective, a definite plan – you are determined to bring into reality. Use your imagination to visualise your  desired new reality. Be sure that this picture will help you feel happy and creative. This will help you to strengthen your trust and faith in yourself.

The fokuz encourages you to stay aware of the things you had in mind, things you want to realize. This way it will help you to recognise possibilities and opportunities on which you can act accordingly. A strong intention will help you to guide your actions. In short, the fokuz will help you to live the way you had intended.

Describe your intention and write it onto the paper roll inside the fokuz-pendant. The fokuz-pendant is available in various designs and comes with a unique, handmade showbox or wooden casket. The fokuz is a beautiful item/artifact, which you will not mind showing, and it will remind you of all the intentions you want to realize.

The fokuz can be ordered with an optional silver chain so you can have your fokuz-pendant with you at all times. Together with your own intention, your fokuz becomes a very personal, unique object. One of a kind!



Price: € 59,95  ($ 70,-) +  shipping.

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